Major Employers

A list of some large employers in the Ozark area

Major Employeers In The Area

Our major employers for Ozark are as follows:

Name of Business Employee Count
Ozark School District 750
Walmart Supercenter 375
Lambert’s restaurant 217
City of Ozark 185
Christian County 178
NetSmart 152
Tracker Marine 101
Ozarks Technical Community College (Richwood Campus) 40 Full/80 Part-time
Lowe’s of Ozark 72 Full/38 Part-time
Ozark Bank 52

Cox Orthopedic Hospital, located just across the county line between Christian and Greene County, is now open and employs 250 people while the multi-million dollar facility across the street, Mercy Rehabilitation Center, employs 159. The city of Ozark actively continues to grow and thrive through the “DREAM” grant, Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri, which has been used to plan and execute a number of projects, events, and collaborations with local businesses in our downtown.

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