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Information for Ozark and surrounding area

Our Economy

  • Christian County (Ozark)
  • Springfield
  • Missouri
Income Christian (Ozark) Springfield Missouri
Median HH Income $53,346 $43,322 $48,156
Average HH Income $66,553 $57,232 $64,389
Average HH Wealth $227,377 $217,910 $223,926
Median HH Wealth $74,048 $65,749 $70,406

Ozark is located in Christian County Missouri, just south of Springfield. Christian County has been one of the most rapidly growing counties in Missouri for over three (3) decades growing 444% increase between 1969 and 2014 from 15,081 to 82,101.

There are now 66,744 new residents. During the same time period Ozark’s population increased 692% from 2,384 in 1970 to 18,871 in 2014 (16,487 new residents). The continuous and persistent growth over this period ranks Ozark as one of the fastest growing cities in the State.

Christian County was one of the most resilient economies in the wake of the Great Recession. The total number of jobs dipped slightly from a prerecession peak of 30,095 in 2006 to 28,439 (-5%) in 2010, but it recovered to 31,508 by 2014.

The current unemployment rate of 4.2% is a full percentage point below the State and fourth lowest in Missouri. Dominant employment sectors reflect “bedroom community” characteristics, with retail (13%), government/schools (10%), construction (9%), services (8%), and finance (8%), which comprises 50% of all jobs.

Christian County’s growth was initially fueled by a persistent stream of migration from neighboring counties dominated by Greene (45%) of all migration, but the County also has  relatively high birth rate (15th) in the state and a low death rate of 107th in the state, which has contributed to a high rate of natural increase 9,970 since 1990.

Over 50% of these migrants are young, educated and employed and they fall into a psychographic profile termed Urban Cliff Climbers—“residents that represent the definitive “working class,” and are young and in pursuit of their individual dreams.

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