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The Ozark Chamber of Commerce celebrated with an Inaugural Ribbon Cutting on Wednesday July 14th 2021 for new restaurant Mundos Latin Kitchen & Bar. They are located at 5493 N 17th St. Ozark, MO, Owner, Victor Briceno is seen cutting the ribbon alongside his wife and partner Sarah. Several local businesses came to celebrate this occasion and new addition to Ozark. “We are happy to be a part of the Ozark community, and we are happy to be a part of the Ozark Chamber. We hope to get to know one another, help each other out, and grow together,” Victor Briceno. We welcome them to the Chamber and we appreciated the hospitality shown for their event!

It’s always exciting to welcome new businesses to Ozark! Ozark Farmer’s Market hosted their ribbon cutting ceremony today, June 3rd. Located at Finley Farms in the heart of Ozark, Missouri, the Ozark Farmers Market (OFM) is open Thursdays, May through September, from 3:00-7:00 pm. Shop with them for the best in local produce, meats, homemade delights, artisans, and food trucks.  Ozark Farmers Market (OFM) first launched in 2012 on the Ozark Square, and now they celebrate their new permanent home alongside The Workshop at Finley Farms.

We love celebrating our Ozark Chamber members!



Get ready for the Ozark Citywide Garage Sale on September 19th! It’s time to clean out those closets, put your yard signs out, and join in on the 2020 Citywide Garage Sale! Your trash could become someone else’s treasure! Rain or shine, individual sale times may vary.
COVID-19 SAFETY: Please be respectful of everyone while hosting your sale or shopping. Please have masks ready to wear when social distancing is not possible.
OFFICIAL SALE LOCATION LIST: (Click here to view on map)
  • 1005 Parkview Ozark Mo 65721
  • 1014 N Missouri Drive, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1805 Hwy 14 East, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1608 E Barnes Street, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1600 W Ridgecrest St, Ozark MO 65721
  • 5603 N 17th St, Ozark MO 65721
    -705 W Ridgecrest St, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Kids clothing & toys, child jeep & car, gold lighting fixtures, women’s clothing, jewelry and more)
  • 109 Timbercrest Rd, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1896 E Latana Dr, Ozark MO 65721
  • 409 N 2nd Ave, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Why wait at least 60 days for your newly ordered furniture to arrive when you can take home great quality antique furniture today? We still have some great pieces left to sell!)
  • 1123 N 26th, Ozark MO 65721
  • 804 E Dawn Street, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Great variety! Collectables and so much more! 8AM till 2PM, NO EARLY BIRDS!)
  • 402 N 2nd Ave, Ozark MO 65721
  • 4772 Marseille, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Olde world estates)
  • 3301 N 28th St, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Lots of fishing and outdoor items. crafts, household items. Purses and lots more.)
  • 1219 S 15th St, Ozark MO 65721
  • 2197 W Bingham, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1020 W Cobblefield Way, Ozark MO 65721
  • 4400 N 17th St, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1208 S 5th Ave, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1321 W Meadowbrooke Dr, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1225 N 10th Ave, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1500 W Kissie Trails Lane, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1210 W Turnberry Blvd, Ozark MO 65721
  • 2004 E Greenwich Dr, Ozark MO 65721
  • 6073 N 19th Ave, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1626 E Peartree Drive, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1805 Hwy 14 East, Ozark MO 65721
  • 3301 N 28th St, Ozark MO 65721
  • 5603 N 17th, Ozark MO 65721

Our monthly luncheon, Good Afternoon Ozark (GAO), is back at The OC this month! Please keep in mind that we are limiting attendance to only annual pass holders this month. Chamber staff will be emailing annual pass holders this week to confirm your attendance. If you are unsure if you have an annual pass, feel free to email or call us at (417) 581-6139.

Due to COVID, no walk-ins or non-pass holders will be admitted to this month’s luncheon.

Annual pass holders: Please let Chamber staff know if you are not able to attend this month’s luncheon so we can remove you from our catering order. If you are unsure if you have an annual pass, feel free to email or call us at (417)581-6139.


OzarkLeads is now accepting applications!

OzarkLeads is an 8-month learning experience designed to develop community leaders who are committed to improving the quality of life in Ozark. The program will give participants a greater understanding of the Ozark community – how it works, lives and plays.

OzarkLeads is a joint initiative between the City of Ozark, Ozark Chamber of Commerce, and the Ozark R-VI School District.

Click Here to apply (Application deadline is 8/19/20)