April 9, 2024 Ozark Chamber Board Meeting 

  • Board Chair: Board Meeting Called to Order 
  • Roll Call (note absences only) 


  • Secretary Report: Approval of March Board meeting and Special Meeting on 4/2/2024  
  • (Note, need copies of minutes) 
  • Vote Required 



Old Business:  

  1.  1503 S. 3rd Street, Ozark MO Location 
  • Monthly rent is $450.00 
  • Deposit is $900 
  • Hometown Ventures request a $150 credit towards chamber memberships, events and sponsorships 
  • Includes Utilities and Internet 
  • Offers a great location, month-to-month lease, shared lobby with TV and a 10×12 space and eventually signage near 3rd street and possibly on the building.  
  • Will be an unknown cost of an outside sign. 
  • NOTE MOVED IN: Still need renters’ insurance, printer and a few supplies 

 2.  Tech UPDATE: Cell phone and iPad reimbursements, tripod and tripod mounts 

  • Use with video production and chamber event registrations. iPad Pro $1,300 plus monthly plan. 
  • New PC for video and graphic production, typically $1,000 
  • Three laptops, 2 are working, one we are locked out. One old windows 7 PC, not tested 
  • Three flatscreen monitors located, all working (using 2) 
  • Several mice and one keyboard located, no dongles.  
  • We do have some nice audio equipment for future use with speakers and amplifiers 
  • One LG Att Tablet located have not tried it yet.  
  • Equipment requested for short term: Laptop docking station, decent wireless mouse and keyboard for new office.  
  • QUESTION: Do we own a presentation clicker? 
  • No TV’s located in storage, one projector, one screen and one blow up screen in storage. 


Nothing specifically addresses mobile device reimbursement in handbook or bylaws 


New Thought: Due to 2nd Party Authorization, might not be a bad idea for the Chamber to have its own separate mobile account on an iPad device. Ipads with cell service are given a separate number. Then all mobile authentication text messages could be tied to that number in the event of staff changes.  

      Discussion and Vote 

3. CPA Services for Ozark Chamber of Commerce 

  • Keeps records clean and assists with audits 
  • comprises monthly, annual reports 
  • Tracks Budget 
  • All money is deposited and handled by CPA 
  • Payroll and Payroll taxes handled by CPA 
  • Less work for chamber staff to free up time to focus on bigger activities (membership, growth, sponsors, events, etc) 
  • Ideal candidate familiar with chamber of commerce activities, program chamber master and QuickBooks, local in the area and easily accessible.  
  • Questions, do we look at current members or outside of memberships with the caveat they would have to join Ozark Chamber?  

      Estimated cost $12,000 a year (typically they will also invest in Chamber events and sponsorships 

UPDATE: Nothing has been created yet will work on this soon.  

   Discussion and Vote 

4. Executive board meeting and CEO monthly meeting 

  • Monthly 1 hour meeting to discuss board meeting agenda 
  • Additional feedback or deeper details on some agenda items to help save time at regular board meetings.  
  • Not a minute’s meeting and obviously no voting. 



5. Add Chris Russell to authorized signee on Ozark Chamber checks with Ozark Bank 

  • Assign a debit card 
  • Ask about points earning credit card 


Signature Cards Need to be Signed 


6. Reformation of the Ambassador Program 

  • Ashley List 
  • Any other ideas? 


New Business: 


  1. Great Southern CD-Guy Callaway Discussion 
  • Replacing the $10,000 


Discussion and Vote 


      Need to confirm monthly date and time 

2.  Other items to discuss if time permits 

  • Fees may be a tad high-CR 
  • Business expo plans and dates 
  • Schedule a meeting  
  • April Chamber Luncheon 
  • Thoughts on format and introduction to CR 
  • Chamber member stickers 
  • Working on bids 
  • Target goal of new mid-year budget by July 1st 
  • Misc graphic and signs needed, business cards, etc 
  • Citywide Garage sale 
  • City is doing a Spring indoor sale in April at OC 
  • Chamber to promote fall citywide garage sale  
  • Website Rebuild Process
    • Some data is updated like the board CLICK HERE
    • Most links have been repaired.
    • Most major links fixed 
    • Long term goal, merge with ChamberMaster 
    • IT Company RFP 
  • Ring Central-Phone System 
    • Way overpaying, looking to reduce from $195 to $30-$50
    • Ashley, I think I fixed the multiple ringing problem. 🙂
  • Microsoft Administrator Login still not accessible 
  • G-Suite Login is accessible 
  • Possible switch from outlook to gmail email platform 
  • CR Employment Paperwork 
  • SHRED it Account updated and payments caught up and auto enroll pay updated. New location for pick up updated.  

 Any other Board or Staff Updates?


Vote to Adjourn 



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