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It’s always exciting to welcome new businesses to Ozark! Superior Containers hosted their ribbon cutting ceremony today, May 20th. They are a local business that provides and delivers shipping containers all over the Ozarks and Missouri! Congratulations to the Superior Containers team on their new venture!

We love celebrating our Ozark Chamber members!


It’s always exciting to welcome new businesses to Ozark! Ozark Trading and Liquidation opened in late 2020 and offers name brand overstock items at great prices. This highway-facing business also offers U-Haul rentals for all of your moving needs. Congratulations to the Ozark Trading team on their new venture!

We love celebrating our Ozark Chamber members!



Get ready for the Ozark Citywide Garage Sale on September 19th! It’s time to clean out those closets, put your yard signs out, and join in on the 2020 Citywide Garage Sale! Your trash could become someone else’s treasure! Rain or shine, individual sale times may vary.
COVID-19 SAFETY: Please be respectful of everyone while hosting your sale or shopping. Please have masks ready to wear when social distancing is not possible.
OFFICIAL SALE LOCATION LIST: (Click here to view on map)
  • 1005 Parkview Ozark Mo 65721
  • 1014 N Missouri Drive, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1805 Hwy 14 East, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1608 E Barnes Street, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1600 W Ridgecrest St, Ozark MO 65721
  • 5603 N 17th St, Ozark MO 65721
    -705 W Ridgecrest St, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Kids clothing & toys, child jeep & car, gold lighting fixtures, women’s clothing, jewelry and more)
  • 109 Timbercrest Rd, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1896 E Latana Dr, Ozark MO 65721
  • 409 N 2nd Ave, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Why wait at least 60 days for your newly ordered furniture to arrive when you can take home great quality antique furniture today? We still have some great pieces left to sell!)
  • 1123 N 26th, Ozark MO 65721
  • 804 E Dawn Street, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Great variety! Collectables and so much more! 8AM till 2PM, NO EARLY BIRDS!)
  • 402 N 2nd Ave, Ozark MO 65721
  • 4772 Marseille, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Olde world estates)
  • 3301 N 28th St, Ozark MO 65721 (Notes: Lots of fishing and outdoor items. crafts, household items. Purses and lots more.)
  • 1219 S 15th St, Ozark MO 65721
  • 2197 W Bingham, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1020 W Cobblefield Way, Ozark MO 65721
  • 4400 N 17th St, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1208 S 5th Ave, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1321 W Meadowbrooke Dr, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1225 N 10th Ave, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1500 W Kissie Trails Lane, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1210 W Turnberry Blvd, Ozark MO 65721
  • 2004 E Greenwich Dr, Ozark MO 65721
  • 6073 N 19th Ave, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1626 E Peartree Drive, Ozark MO 65721
  • 1805 Hwy 14 East, Ozark MO 65721
  • 3301 N 28th St, Ozark MO 65721
  • 5603 N 17th, Ozark MO 65721


It’s always exciting to see wonderful community organizations like Dogwood Ranch grow! Dogwood Ranch’s new program, The Haven, provides a safe place and mentorship for at-risk young adults aging out of the foster care system. Congratulations to Dogwood Ranch on the launch of this great new program!

We love celebrating our Ozark Chamber members! Congratulations!


The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations’ (DOLIR’s) Division of Employment Security (DES) announced today that it is working as expeditiously as possible to issue Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) benefit payments to unemployed workers as early as later this week.
Missouri was granted initial funding for the LWA program and will be paying eligible recipients an additional $300 per week retroactively to the week ending August 1, 2020. “Many families across our state are in great need during this time, and we are doing all we can to deliver the extra federal assistance provided by the President’s Executive Order to Missourians as soon as possible,” commented Missouri Governor Mike Parson. “In fact, Missouri was one of the very first states to apply for and receive over $200 million in this latest round of federal funding, allowing us to nearly double Missouri’s maximum weekly benefit payment of $320.
While providing this tremendous increase to unemployed workers, we are also taking seriously our responsibility to fund other critical needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Governor Parson continued. “Missouri’s budget has taken a substantial hit in recent months, requiring us to carefully target every remaining dollar of our federal emergency assistance funds to support first responders, purchase protective equipment and testing supplies for healthcare workers, and to support teachers and students as they return to school.
In order to receive an LWA benefit payment, an individual must be eligible to receive at least $100 in unemployment benefits per week, and the individual must self-certify that they are unemployed or partially unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who self-certified when they filed their initial claim and are eligible for an LWA benefit payment do not need to take any action because the state will automatically add the $300 to their weekly benefit amount.
Individuals who did not indicate they were unemployed due to COVID-19 and meet the other eligibility requirements will receive either e-mail or mailed correspondence from the DES by the end of next week on their potential eligibility for the LWA program.
As the DES will be processing retroactive payments separately due to the volume of items, eligible individuals should not expect to receive all their retroactive payments on the same day. The first retroactive payment should be issued by the end of this week and all others by the latter part of next week.
The LWA is funded through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Disaster Relief Fund. The President issued an Executive Order on August 8, 2020, directing FEMA, with guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor, to administer the LWA program.
The LWA program will continue until the earlier of:
1) FEMA expends $44 billion from the Disaster Relief Fund (DRF), or
2) the total unobligated balance of the DRF decreases to $25 billion, or
3) legislation is enacted that provides, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, supplemental federal unemployment compensation or similar compensation for unemployed or underemployed individuals; or
4) December 27, 2020, which is the end of the period of performance for the grant.
For details and updates, visit

The Finley recently nearly doubled their dining space by adding an outdoor courtyard dining area. This beautiful outdoor space is the perfect setting for a weekend brunch, celebrating a special night out, or even hosting a private gathering!

While the recent COVID-19 closure hit restaurants particularly hard, the Finley took the opportunity to innovate and grow.

We love celebrating our Ozark Chamber members! Congratulations on a beautiful job well done.


Our monthly luncheon, Good Afternoon Ozark (GAO), is back at The OC this month! Please keep in mind that we are limiting attendance to only annual pass holders this month. Chamber staff will be emailing annual pass holders this week to confirm your attendance. If you are unsure if you have an annual pass, feel free to email or call us at (417) 581-6139.

Due to COVID, no walk-ins or non-pass holders will be admitted to this month’s luncheon.

Annual pass holders: Please let Chamber staff know if you are not able to attend this month’s luncheon so we can remove you from our catering order. If you are unsure if you have an annual pass, feel free to email or call us at (417)581-6139.


OzarkLeads is now accepting applications!

OzarkLeads is an 8-month learning experience designed to develop community leaders who are committed to improving the quality of life in Ozark. The program will give participants a greater understanding of the Ozark community – how it works, lives and plays.

OzarkLeads is a joint initiative between the City of Ozark, Ozark Chamber of Commerce, and the Ozark R-VI School District.

Click Here to apply (Application deadline is 8/19/20)