VoiceXP unveils one-of-a-kind Amazon Alexa Skill for City of Ozark, Missouri


OZARK, Mo.Ozark has a new assistant – just “ask Alexa.” The good news is, Alexa does not ask for a raise, take vacation or call in sick.


VoiceXP, an Amazon Technology Partner company, has debuted an exclusive Amazon Alexa Skill featuring the City of Ozark, Ozark Chamber of Commerce, and Show Me Christian County. The Skill is the only one in the U.S. to feature a multifaceted municipality.

The Skill will use Alexa voice technology to deliver information about Ozark’s events, locations of interest, city services, and more on the Amazon Echo platform. More than 40 million Amazon Echo devices exist in homes and businesses across the U.S.

The Alexa Skill helps position Ozark as a leader in the tech sector, particularly in voice technology.

“We are committed to growing Christian County businesses using voice in this area. We want to make Missouri the epicenter for voice disruption,” said Bob Stolzberg, VoiceXP CEO.


“What is very unique about this particular Skill is it affects the City, the County, and the Chamber. This is the first time in the world those three entities have come together to form a skill and have that be noted out on the Amazon platform,” said Bonnie Snyder, managing partner and director of business sales at VoiceXP.




To enable the Skill, activate your Amazon Echo by saying “Alexa, start City of Ozark, Missouri.” The Skill will then become enabled on your Echo device, with prompts for which questions to ask and what information is available.


Sample questions to ask Alexa include but are not limited to:

What is there to do in Ozark?

Tell me about the historic district.

Tell me about the schools in Ozark.

Where is the Farmers Market?

Why do people come to Ozark?

Where is the nearest airport?

What city services does Ozark offer?


Amazon’s Echo platform currently holds more than 70% of the voice market share, with additional platforms like Google Home and Microsoft’s Cortana sharing the remaining market. According to Stolzberg, voice technology is predicted to be present in more than 75% of American homes by the year 2020.


Ozark wants to be on the leading edge of that growth.


“We want to showcase the tech innovation that’s possible in Ozark,” said Snyder. “We have the connectivity, infrastructure, and technology base. You don’t have to live in Chicago to create new developments in tech; you can innovate right here.”

VoiceXP offices from the Carl G. Hefner Enterprise Center in Ozark, Mo. The Alexa Skill “City of Ozark, Missouri” was created by VoiceXP in partnership with the City of Ozark, the Ozark Chamber of Commerce, and the Show Me Christian County economic development organization.

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