Ozark, MO, August 9, 2016—Ozark Chamber of Commerce today announced plans to strengthen and grow its Buy Local program by partnering with Conpoto, a Michigan-based Community Currency software firm.

Ozark will use Conpoto’s cloud-based software to help fuel the local spending, providing an online platform for local gifting that competes effectively with big box retailers and credit card companies. The chamber is naming its program $BeOzarkBuck$.

$BeOzarkBuck$ will be available for purchse from the chamber’s website September 1, 2016. The chamber will use

the program to drive local spending by connecting merchant members with large employers,

providing a community gifting alternative for client recognition, employee incentive and recognition giving.

“The Chamber of Commerce is all about making our community successful,” said Andrea Sitzes, Ozark Chamber executive director. “With community currency, we can show visibly how we’re working to keep dollars circulating within our own community.”

Conpoto has been working with Great Lakes region chambers for more than a year, bolstering

membership and community.

“Community Currency drives business and revenue to Main Street retailers by making it easier

than ever to buy local,” said Matt Lepard, Conpoto’s co-founder and chief executive officer.

“Conpoto thinks like a technology company, but we all bleed local. Helping chambers like Ozark realize the rewards of a fully functioning Buy Local machine is what ignites our passion for work every day.”

About Conpoto, LLC

Based in Holland, Mich., Conpoto is a cloud-based community currency software built for

chambers of commerce and membership organizations to fuel their local economies. Conpoto’s

technology drives local spending and serves as the foundation for buy local campaigns in

communities around the country. Learn more at

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